Cosmetic Dentistry

Gone are the days when people have to live with a smile that they don’t like or are embarrassed to show off!

As an experienced cosmetic dentist, we make it possible for our patients to have the beautiful smile they always wanted using a variety of modern dental techniques. Even people with severe stains, crooked, damaged teeth, and gaps can experience the stunning transformations available when working with Drs. Pinkhasov and Yusufov. They have a reputation for completing restorations in a way that makes teeth appear so natural, no one can tell there was ever anything wrong with them.

Age is not either an obstacle. We commonly hear that older patients feel like it is too late to improve their smile. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We currently have senior patients who frequently use our services and are delighted to find that there are many ways to restore their damaged teeth and replace missing ones.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, schedule an appointment with Dental Excellence. You will be very pleased with the level of patient care that you receive along with the stunning results. You can schedule an appointment by calling Dental Excellence at 973-578-8800 (Newark), 732-728-7075 (Long Branch), 212-804-0500 (New York).