At Dental Excellence, we regularly perform a root canal endodontic treatment in order to remove infections and save our patients’ teeth. Drs. Pinkhasov and Yusufov are experts at completing the procedure and doing so while keeping patients completely comfortable. Root canals are a common procedure. In fact, every year millions of root canals are performed and, as a result, the need to pull infected teeth is greatly reduced.

A root canal endodontic procedure works by creating a small hole in the tooth so that all of the infected areas can be removed. The dental pulp is removed, and oftentimes so are the roots. You only need your tooth roots to feel sensations like hot and cold and for the tooth to grow in. Once it has fully matured, removing the roots will not directly harm the tooth. It can, however, prevent the further spread of infection so when it is necessary to remove the roots; we promptly do so. Once done, we will clean the area to ensure that the infection is gone. In order to complete the root canal, we will seal up the hole and area where the dental pulp used to be.  Drs. Pinkhasov and Yusufov will typically prescribe antibiotics as well. This ensures that any lingering infection is eliminated.

Overall a root canal endodontic treatment is extremely effective for saving damaged teeth by removing any infection that may be there. This single treatment makes it possible for millions of teeth to be saved on an annual basis. This is a far better option because it keeps the natural tooth in place. If  you don’t have a root canal endodontic procedure completed, the infected tooth will likely need to be removed.

If you live in the Newark, Long Branch and New York area and are currently experiencing tooth pain, we invite you to call 973-578-8800 (Newark), 732-728-7075 (Long Branch) and 212-804-0500 (New York) to schedule an appointment and see if you need a root canal endodontic treatment.